The SAP challenge !

June 4, 2014 | sal |

What's this pretty girl on a skateboard got to do with developing software ?

What’s this pretty girl on a skateboard got to do with developing software ?

While recently at an Amazon Web Services conference in São Paulo, I had a chance to speak with many cloud service providers including the all encompassing and powerful SAP.  42 years of creating enterprise software solutions for countless industries in 130 countries.  Probably you’ve seen their ads, they’re everywhere !

What can you do that my little company of amazing LAMP programmers can’t do for a tenth of what you charge ? I know you have to pay your ad bills but come on, don’t you get tired of robbing people ?

Needless to say the reply was mumbled and very quickly I found myself being abandoned for a previous engagement.

So here’s my challenge to all those big industry people taking decisions on enterprise software, have a think very carefully about implementing something from the ground up, solving the problems and finding solutions from the ground up as a custom solution allows you to reinvent an industry as opposed to following the standards already established.

After all its all about disrupting industries these days and that’s happending in college bedrooms and small task groups all over the world.  They don’t have to be paying billions for advertisement to convince you of this !