WordPress Custom Themes

January 16, 2014 | sal

Soldia prides itself on being one of the first WordPress custom theme developers.  Since 2003 version 1.6, Soldia has been using WordPress as a Content Management System successfully online for a multitude of Clients.

Today WordPress accounts for almost 50% of Dynamic Websites online.  It’s ease of installation and fantastically simple and efficient Administration UX makes life extremely easy for Web Editors.  The simplicity of the Database Structure also makes exporting and importing data extremely simple, so in case your site grows and requires a Custom Content Management System, Soldia can assist you moving all your data.

Some of our custom themes include:

  1. Soldia
  2. United Hemispheres
  3. The Kagency
  4. Ink Global
  5. Cobblers Cove
  6. Caron Keating Foundation
  7. Club On

Soldia offers a number of interesting packages for Custom WordPress Theme Development and WordPress Hosting.  Please contact us for details.