Information Architecture

January 18, 2014 | sal

Information Architecture (IA) is where we as Digital Interactive Agency spend time with the client and ask every single possible question about:

  1. The goals of the web site or system
  2. The intended Audience & why will they use your system
  3. The content and information to be managed
  4. The functionality and interaction between the Audience and the content
  5. What the competition, if it exists, is doing well and badly

This is our discovery phase where we learn as much about the project as possible and create scenarios that a User will encounter using the system we build.  It is a crucial stage which defines the complete development of the website.

From the information gathered, we should be able to deduce:

  1. What the purpose of the website is
  2. How many people are projected to use the system and how they will be targeted.
  3. What information interaction will occur
  4. What modules of functionality will be required
  5. How many dynamic pages will be required
  6. How the information will be organized in the database

Once this Data Analysis and Architecture is concluded we can move to discussing the User Experience Design.