Debian & Redhat Linux

January 16, 2014 | sal

Soldia has been working with Linux for over 10 years.  We manage multiple servers that have not been restarted for a couple of years.  We steer away from any Windows Software on any of our Servers.  The reasons are many but most importantly for us because of stability and security.  All our applications run entirely on Linux Operating Systems and our preference is Debian, although we are very familiar with Redhat distros like Centos. We can assist with any Server Administration requirements such as:

  • Installation of the Operating System
  • Installation of the Web Server and Application requirements: Apache, PHP, Java, Python, MySql, Postgres, etc
  • Configure Server Clusters for Load Balancing for large traffic websites.
  • Installation Configuration of Mail Servers
  • Installation Configuration of Spamassassin
  • Installation Configuration of DNS Servers
  • Webmin control panel for Virtual Hosting
  • Firewall configuration
  • Updates & Maintenance
  • Backups & Instant recovery

All of these services can be configured and installed on Amazon Web Services for a more robust and scalable hosting platform.