Custom Content Management

January 16, 2014 | sal

Why invest in a customized content management system ? Why not just use WordPress ? We use wordpress as an example but this applies to any open source CMS such as Drupal, Joomla, Typo3, etc

There are cases where the content is not rich enough to build a custom content management system and few changes will be made on the launched project.  In this case an out of the box CMS can be customized to serve the online publishing requirements.

Generally you will need to use a customized content management system when:

  1. Your content will be accessed and administered by many people (over 100 editors).
  2. You need a scalable system in functionality and size.
  3. Speed is an important factor for your content delivery.

Building a customized CMS ensures that:

  1. The code is closed and not open source (OS).  This goes against the OS community we love and support but is essential for large systems with multiple simultaneous users.  Software that is open source invites hacker exploitation especially for high traffic sites and especial when multiple Editors are making updates.
  2. Adding extra functionality and building your content should be the primary focus. Because of security exploits on popular Open Source CMSs, updates must be made regularly which ties up resources in patching updates instead of improving functionality.  This becomes more problematic when customizations are made to the open source code and update cycles to the open source CMS are more frequent.
  3. WordPress and other OS CMSs are generally bloated and use more processing power to render pages.  If speed is important for your site, having an optimized custom system will leave a much lighter foot print on your servers.

At Soldia our custom content management systems use the DynaWeb Framework currently implemented on a multitude of high traffic sites such as:

  • Time Out Australia
  • Time Out Singapore
  • Time Out Brasil
  • easyJet Traveller
  • Joy Management
  • MeuDecor
  • Let’s Go Magazine
  • Reebok

The Content Management System typically has an admin interface which is used to update all the content on the website.  Because the CMS is custom made, our Clients have complete control of every section of the website and because the code is closed, the system is much more robust and secure.