Responsive Web Sites

November 18, 2013 | sal | Tags:

At Soldia we do not begin new projects without a strategy for mobile anymore.  In light of this we’ve been trying out some interesting tools to build basic layout.  While we prefer to hand code our websites there are some good browser services and native apps to help with prototyping responsive layouts and much of the CSS/HTML & Javascript generated can be re-used:

  1. Webflow
  2. Froont
  3. divshot
  4. Google Web Designer
  5. easel
  6. macaw

These tools are excellent for prototyping and developing UX Design and they can be extremely useful for traditional graphic designers who are responsible for brand consistency.  Ultimately manual changes to the code are always necessary for live productions, animation and integration into WordPress Themes and Custom Content Management Systems.  But the importance of have a responsive version of your site is crucial to any clients business success today.