Are we building an Application or a Content Management System ?

Apps or CMSs what are we doing ? What’s the difference ?

An online application, a native application, a content management system it’s all the same thing.  All are based on interactions and adding information to a data structure.  Writing a document in Microsoft Word can be equated to uploading information to a content management system.

The clever little formatting to add headers, insert images, center text, create tables, etc. can all be pretty much done in a browser html editor.  The sophistication of these browser editors is even surpassing native word processors and offering those who are willing to use HTML & CSS the ability to publish greatly designed web pages directly to any digital device even TV.

Even most of the mapping and Geo Targeting functionality are overlapping.

At Soldia we do not differentiate between an App and a CMS.  They are both the same making publishing for a browser much more accessible for everyone.